Students provide their own bedding, eating utensils, toiletries and laundry needs.

A good study Bible (preferably King James version), hymn book, school supplies and other needs that the Seminary may require should also be provided by the student.

A prescribed school uniform is required to be worn during class hours. Ladies wear white blouses with red accent and below-the-knee navy skirts while mean wear blue “barong” and black pants. Forma black shoes is required to match the prescribed uniform.

Every student is expect to properly dressed when going to classes and on campus. Above all, we desire that each should put on the apparel …”of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”

Study privileges

God’s faithfulness and the generosity of the Christians in our churches, make it possible for you to study at Doane Baptist Seminary. School fees, while it contributes to the support and maintenance of the seminary, are subsidized. Many Christians give sacrificially in order that you may secure quality Bible education for the ministry.

To be a student of Doane is a privilege and an opportunity. It is not a right. The school has the prerogative to accept or refuse admission of any applicant. It also has the right to disciple or expel students on the basis of the school’s biblical stand and regulations.

Children of full-time Pastors and workers enrolled as full-time students avail 50% discount on tuition fees.