Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC)

This graduate study program is designed for those who desire to enhance ministry or teach at a college level with a focus in the area of counseling.  It requires 60 hours including Bible, Theology, Hermeneutics, Research Methods, and Counseling related courses. The courses are normally completed in five years but could be finished in three years by a Seminary graduate. Students are grouped into cohorts in a module format and will attend classes twice a year only. Two courses are offered for two weeks at the DBS facility every 2nd and 3rd weeks of the months of January and July. Students will do pre-session assignments, communicating with teachers and classmates through the internet. Post-session assignments will include practicum (practical Biblical Counseling experience). Practical assignments will introduce students to typical Biblical Counseling situations that they will face in ministry. This will help them to relate theoretical knowledge to practical ministry.

Mission Statement

To train pastors and Christian leaders to skillfully use the Word of God in the ministry skill of personal counseling and discipleship (Gal. 6:1; 1 Thess. 5:14; Rom. 15:14).

Vision Statement

To see godly Christian leaders apply the knowledge and skills gained to provide heart-focused soul-care in and through their own local churches, to assist other local churches in providing biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry, to create church-based centers of biblical counseling and training in the Philippines and other nations, and to assist in the continuing development of Soul Care Philippines.

Faculty Base

Professors for the program will consist of academically-qualified and experienced visiting professors from outside the country.

Counseling Courses (39 units)

BC 501  Introduction to Biblical Counseling - 3 units

BC 502  The Dynamics of Biblical Change - 3 units

BC 508  Research Methods and Writing - 3 units

BC 507  Hermeneutics for Biblical Counselors - 3 units

BC 503  The Counseling Process and Counseling Procedures - units

BC 506  Biblical Counseling in the Local Church - 3 units

BC 504  A History and Analysis of Personal Ministry Systems - 3 units

BC 505  Marriage & Family Counseling - 3 units

BC 602  Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues - 3 units

BC 603  Common Issues Addressed in Biblical Counseling - 3 units

BC 604  Biblical Counseling and Theology - 3 units

BC 605  Counseling Practicum - 6 units


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