1. One who HAS ACCEPTED THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as personal Savior and the Lord at least of year before June 2019 and has been living a consistent Christian life
  2. BAPTIZED member of a local church (preferably an AFBCP affiliate), actively participating in church activities, of good moral standing, and not involved in quesitnallble practices.
  3. High school graduate
  4. Junior High completer for the CLC program only


  • Completed admission form
  • Written testimony
  • Church recommendation
  • Birth certificate
  • Card or transcript
  • Recent ID
  • Medical certificate
  • Application fee
  • Personal interview


Per Semester (Full-time)Amount
Student Services (15-18 units or P275/unit)P 4,950.00
Seminary Support200.00
Room (800) & Board (2,700)- for residents monthly3,800

Please note:

Down payment:Amount
Late fee (daily rate)50

Send/mail all requirements 1-6 to:

Walk-in applicants who submit Application Forms during registration days are discouraged

All non-Iloilo City resident students are required to stay in the dormitory, as a policy. Campus employment or work scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis. Only those who show up on the first day of registration will be given preference.

For further inquiries:

Contact Registrar


Doane Baptist Seminary
033 503 6828
35-55 Bonifacio Drive, 5000 Iloilo City, PHILIPPINES